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Weaving Books


NEW! Weaving Classic Crackle and More

Weaving CrackleCrackle is a surprisingly versatile weave structure with exciting design potential. Weave Classic Crackle and More offers a comprehensive explanation of drafting the crackle weave structure and weaving classic crackle. Tools and tips for independent designing add extra depth to your study of crackle. Explore crackle’s flexibility with a myriad of treadling variations, including an in-depth discussion of polychrome techniques. Learn about the expanded possibilities and unique challenges presented by crackle on more than four shafts. Over 200 images illustrate the methods described.

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NEW! The Weaver's Idea Book

the weavers idea book- weaving instructionsCreative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom. The Weaver's Idea Book presents a wide variety of patterns for the simple rigid-heddle loom, accompanied by harness drafts for multishaft looms. The techniques include leno, Brooks bouquet, soumak, and embroidery on fabric. Each chapter contains weaving patterns along with swatches illustrating the techniques, accompanied by step-by-step photography. The book is arranged by structure or type of weave, from variations on plain weave to doubleweave. With traditional patterns from around the world, bands, and fabrics woven on two double heddles,Weaving tips and tricks help weavers at all levels achieve their textile dreams. In addition to pattern drafts, Jane offers project ideas that guide the reader through creating functional woven projects, from wearables to home decor.

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Best of Weaver's Summer and Winter Plus

best of weavers summer and winterOver 40 Projects in Summer & Winter and other Tied Unit Weaves. Creating exciting, luxurious fabrics will come easily to beginning and experienced crafters alike, with this compendium of special weaving structures. Featuring more than 40 projects and instructions for designing and drafting more designs, the guide presents weavers with detailed directions for summer, winter, diamond, taquet, samitum, and polychrome weaves. This collection features patterns for coverlets, garments, table linens, and rugs. 

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Best of Weaver's Huck Lace best of weavers huck lace

 A Collection of the best articles from Weaver's on the area of pattern weaving encompassing huck lace. The result is a beautiful look at some of the more interesting texture weaves and projects utilizing them. The articles range from simple traditional 4-harness huck to dobby loom network drafting. Complex weavers and beginners will marvel at these projects and fall in love with huck (if they are not already) The best part of this book is the clear pattern diagrams accompanied by detailed photos of the weave structure. Over 40 projects, practice sampler.

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Weaving for Beginners, an Illustrated Guide

Peggy OsterkampOkay, so why THIS book? No matter what you are planning to weave you will use this book as a treasured reference guide over and over again! Weaving for Beginners is jam packed with useful information, tips and tricks that you can learn something new even if you are not a beginning weaver.  Let master weaver Peggy Osterkamp show you how it's done. More time and more pleasure from your weaving -- that's what Peggy Osterkamp's New Guide to Weaving series offers novice and experienced weavers alike. The methods Osterkamp describes are based on many sources: Europe's centuries-old tradition of efficient handweaving as a livelihood, adaptations for handweaving from the textile industry, techniques taught by Jim Ahrens, the original designer of AVL looms, and her own experiences teaching and weaving. This Book has one objective: make four harness weaving easier for beginners! Spiralbound. Hardcover.

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NEW! The Weavers Studio: Doubleweave


Doubleweave is the art of weaving two layers of cloth at the same time, one above the other on the loom, creating beautiful cloth that is reversible yet unique on each side. Using pick-up techniques and clever color mixing, patterns emerge that are different but complementary on each side.
You will learn all the basics of doubleweave techniques, as well as tips and tricks of setting up the warp. Specialty techniques are shown for 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms. The weaving effects covered include lace, tubular weave, pick-up, color mixing, and more. And since doubleweave showcases color and pattern in unique ways, you will learn how to use these to great effect in your cloth designs. Throughout The Weavers Studio: Doubleweave you will find a wealth of inspiration with many examples of finished cloth and projects, from wall hangings and table runners to scarves and pillows.

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Mastering Weave Structures

sharon alderman weaving booksTransforming Great Ideas into Cloth. What a great book if you want to delve deeper into weaving. A Must Have! This book is as crisp and clean as a damask tablecloth, as deep as a 16 harness waffle-weave towel, as durable as a 24 harness figured twill, as contemporary as a computer generated network weave. Not specifically a book of pattern weaves or a beginning weavers how-to reference, it is much more. Simply put Mastering Weave Structures is a textbook on the weave structures available to harness-loom weavers. What a difference Sharon Alderman's weaving and teaching experience make in presenting to the serious weaver this life long reference work on woven structure design. The traditional patterns are developed here, but with the purpose of making them available to the weaver to develop just the right structure for the material and purpose of their projects. We don't say this about all the books we see, but Mastering Weave Structures is a classic reference and textbook.

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Weaving Made Easy!

weaving made easyWeaving Made Easy is the beginning weavers’ ultimate guide to making fun, simple, and functional weaving projects from start to finish. Weaving Made Easy features seventeen simple projects made on the rigid heddle loom, a small, portable, and affordable weaving loom. Weaving Made Easy includes a step-by-step guide on getting started weaving; weaving vocab. 101, tools and materials explained, the basics of warp and weft, and how to start weaving. Weaving Made Easy offers clear instructions for how to make various practical fabrics, from drapy to sturdy scarves and bags to belts, placemats, rugs, and more.

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The Handweaver's Pattern Directory

handweavers patternsThis weaving compendium is destined to become the next reference tool on every weaver’s bookshelf! The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory is a full-color practical guide to weave structures for 4-shaft looms that features drafts for 600 weaves including twill, zigzag, diamond, herringbone, block drafts, and specialized techniques. Each structure includes a color photograph, threading and treadling sequences, and degree of difficulty. Readers will find sections on tools and equipment, types of fibers and yarns, weaving basics, finishing techniques, ideas to encourage experimentation with different yarns, looms, and colors, and a full glossary of international weaving terminology. The book is divided into five sections for clarity: straight draft, point draft, block weaves, lace weaves, and specialized techniques. Individual samples are shown actual size or bigger from the front view, with a detail showing the reverse view where this is of particular interest. For purposes of comparison and pattern clarity, for each two-page unit of samples, the same color thread is often used for warp or weft. Extended samples (gamps) use different threading drafts and thread color combinations to increase the range of options available to the weaver. Pre-order for fall delivery!

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Learning to Weave, Revised Edition

weaving instructions for the four harness loomMore than 40,000 weaver have used this unparalleled study guide to learn from scratch or hone their skills. All of the basics are covered: understanding the tools of weaving, making a good warp three ways, reading and designing drafts, and understanding weave structures. We don't know of a better weaving text to teach yourself how to weave on a table or floor loom. Softcover, 8 1/2 x 11, 232 pages, color photographs and black and white illustrations throughout. 

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The Ashford book of Weaving for Knitters

weaving on a rigid heddle loom25 Easy Scarf Projects using Fancy Yarns and the Ashford Knitters Loom. Let international weaving teacher and fiber artist Rowena Hart show you how knitters can enjoy weaving. She will show your how to use all the wonderful fancy knitting yarns to produce spectacular woven pieces. This book is the ideal companion for the Ashford knitters loom!

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The Ashford Book of Projects for the Eight Shaft Loom

weaving patterns for eight shaft loomsThis book contains a variety of weaving techniques from twill variations in the Scandinavian tradition to multi shaft summer-&-winter and modern backed weaves. The new owner of an eight shaft loom and the experienced weaver will both find inspiration and challenges in this collection of placemats, towels, shawls, wall hangings, and suit material. Author Elsa Krogh is a master weaver and teacher living in the north of Denmark. 

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