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Ashford Spinning Accessories

Ashford Spinning Wheel Flyers

The Joy Freedom Flyer (Jumbo Flyer)

ashford freedom jumbo flyer

The Ashford Freedom Flyer kit gives you the freedom to spin your chunky or crazy yarns from the Ashford Wild Carder batts into fabulous, fun and funky art yarns on your Ashford Joy or Ashford Joy 2 spinning wheel.

With the enormous 25mm (1in) orifice and sliding hooks you can spin and ply fibers, feathers, fabric, ribbobobbins for the Ashford freedom flyerns, cocoons and more.

The Ashford Freedom Flyer accessory includes one jumbo bobbin and will fit all existing Ashford Joy spinning wheels.

Older Ashford Joy spinning wheels may have to be modified to make this flyer fit. Instructions included.

Ashford Joy Freedom Flyer Jumbo Flyer - $138.95 


Ashford Spinning Wheel Bobbins

 Ashford Spinning Wheel Bobbins

ashford spinning wheel bobbins

As far as spinning wheel accessories go you can never have too many Ashford spinning wheel bobbins! Extra bobbins are convenient when switching between two or more projects!

From left to right: Single drive, double drive, lace, jumbo single drive, jumbo double drive bobbins.

Single Drive, unfinished - $13.95    Double Drive, unfinished - $15.95 

Single Drive, lacquered - $17.95      Double Drive, lacquered - $19.95

Single Drive, Jumbo unf - $16.95    Double Drive, Jumbo, unf. - $20.95

Single Drive, Jumbo lacq - $23.95   Double Drive, Jumbo, lacq. - $26.95



Ashford Bobbins for Sliding Hook Flyers

These new large spinning wheel bobbins will fit the new sliding hook flyers from Ashford only. They are larger than regular bobbin. They are NOT jumbo bobbins.

Ashford Single Drive Bobbin Sliding Hook Unfinished $14.95 

Ashford Double Drive Bobbin Sliding Hook Unfinished $18.95

Ashford Single Drive Bobbin Sliding Hook Lacquer Finish $20.95 

Ashford Double Drive Bobbin Sliding Hook Lacquer Finish $25.95



Ashford Lazy Kates

ashford upright lazy kate with bobbins

Lazy kates are a must have accessory if you want to ply your yarn singles. The Ashford Upright Lazy Kate, holds up to three regular bobbins. The Ashford lazy kate is made from solid Silver Beech hardwood.

Holds single or double drive bobbins. Show to left.  Bobbins shown not included.


$25.95 Quantity

Ashford Competition Lazy Kate

ashford competition lazy kate

The Ashford Competition Lazy Kate holds three bobbins. No bobbin over-wind when plying with speed. Control your bobbins when spinning with adjustable brake tension. Smooth stainless steel yarn guide, suitable for single drive or double drive bobbins or jumbo bobbins. Bobbins are quick and easy to change.

Convenient carry handle. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with a rich lacquer finish. Bobbins sold separately. Shown to right.


Ashford Competition Lazy Kate - $66.95    Quantity  

Ashford Niddy Noddies

large ashford niddy noddy with yarn

If you spin yarn you need a niddy noddy. The large unfinished Ashford niddy noddy makes a 54" skein. Pretty turned detailing.

Small, lacquer finish Ashford Sampler niddy noddy is perfect for 32" sample skeins. Solid silver beech hardwood. Take it apart and store it flat for traveling.

ashford sampler niddy noddy

Ashford Large Niddy Noddy - $28.95
Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy - $26.95


Ashford Basic Jumbo Flyer Kit, Single Drive

Includes jumbo flyer, one bobbin and front upright maiden. Ratios are 4.5 and 9:1

Ashford Basic Jumbo Flyer Kit, Single Drive

     $110.95 Quantity   



Ashford Spinning Chairashford spinning chair


Decorative and useful the Ashford spinning chair is made from New Zealand beech wood.

Lacquer finish Ashford Spinning Chair matches all Ashford clear lacquer spinning wheels.  Easy assembly.


Ashford Spinning Chair Unfinished - $222.95

Ashford Spinning Chair Clear Finish - $290.95