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FREE Spinning Instructions with every drop spindle order!

DVD Drop Spindle Kit

dvd drop spindle kit

Learn to spin your first yarn the easy way! Our DVD Drop Spindle Kit includes all you need to get started: DVD "Getting Started on a Drop Spindle" with 55 minutes of how to spinning instruction and how-to ply and finish your yarn.

Getting Started on a Drop Spindle starts with a description of the spindles parts and styles of spindles, then moves into what materials you need to get started. Learn to "Park and Draft" and spin in no time! Move on to spinning and plying standing and learn how to create a yarn that is uniquely yours.

This spinning kit also includes a beginners top whorl drop spindle, two ounces of Corriedale wool roving and one ounce of hand dyed wool top for your spinning pleasure.


$35.95   Quantity   


Basic Drop Spindle Kit

Beginners drop spindle and two ounces of roving will help you learn hand spinning. FREE spinning instructions from Spin-Off magazine included. All for one low low price of $16.95. Learn how to spin now! Makes a great gift too!

$16.95   Quantity     



Ashford Turkish Drop Spindle

turkish spindleAshford brings you this Turkish drop spindle that allows you to wind a center pull yarn while you spin. Simply wind your yarn around the crossbars. Slip the bars out when you are done spinning and you have your ball already wound for you. The Ashford Turkish drop spindle is a bottom whorl unfinished spindle which weighs about 1.5 ounces and is about 14 inches in lenght.
$41.95  Quantity  


Small Drop Spindle

drop spindlesExtra value Priced drop spindle! Spindle with great balance for fast and fine spinning. Weighs just under one ounce. Choose from top or bottom whorl. Unfinished Drop Spindle can be used as is or stained and painted in your favorite colors.

 Top Whorl $8.95  Bottom Whorl $8.95 


Medium Drop Spindle

drop spindlesExtra value Priced Drop Spindle! Basic drop spindle for beginning and advanced spinners. Choose from top or bottom whorl. Teach yourself or a friend how to spinning with a drop spindle with this nifty little tool. Unfinished Drop Spindle can be used as is or stained and painted in your favorite colors.

Top Whorl  $12.95 Bottom Whorl  $12.95




Schacht Hi-Lo Drop Spindlesschacht drop spindle

Schacht's popular drop spindles just got better. The new Schacht Hi-Lo Spindles offer the best of both whorls: a brass hook at the top for high-whorl spinning and a grooved shaft for low-whorl spinning. Three sizes offer a broad spectrum of spinning capabilities: 3" (2.2 ounces), and 2" (1.1 ounces) and 3 ounces Maple.

1.1 oz - $23.95 2.2 oz - $23.95 3 oz - $23.95



Teach yourself how to spin: Here's a link for FREE instructions:

Drop Spindle Spinning Instructions from Interweave Press

Drop Spindle spinning is an ancient tradition. Drop spindles were used to produce handspun long before Ulysses sailed to Troy. The oldest handspun weaving fragments found to date were unearthed in Turkey and dated to more than 8,000 years ago. Handspun sails with yarns from drop spindles caught the winds of the Mediterranean for the Phoenicians and the Romans. They carried the ships of the Vikings to far horizons, Cortez to Mexico, Pizarro to Peru. Now let these little drop spindles carry you to new horizons as well. From Spin, Span, Spun, Bette Hochberg

Drop Spindles

Many spinners start out with a drop spindle, a bit of fiber and the willingness to learn the art of spinning wool. Others skip the drop spindle in favor of a spinning wheel, with which you can spin much faster…. but wait a minute? Spin faster?… Who needs speed anyways, hand spinning is all about creating, loving what you do, and having fun. Hand spinning is a creative outlet, allowing us to literally “spin our dreams” into thread. Create unique fiber blends, color combinations and yarn textures. You are the designer and the master of your own yarn. Only your fantasy and the sky is the limit when it comes to spinning wool and fiber. The yarn you spin is yours by design!

And what about the countless times you could not take your spinning wheel with you? It was too big, to heavy or just not worth it. Ever heard of any one bringing their spinning wheel to spin on the bus, at the doctor’s office or during meetings? Well, a drop spindle will let you recuperate this lost time, thus making up for speed.

Drop spindles also connect us with the past, thus spinning with this simple tool will in effect continue the thread of time that binds us to our ancestors. Just think of the thousands of years in which hand spindles provide the only way to obtain clothing from fibers. This simple device created every bit of yarn from coarse linen thread for sails, so that ships could explore the oceans, to the finest silks for royal robes. Since spinning wheels did not appear until the middle age, the drop spindle was one of the most important tools on hand. Everyday clothing, table linens, tapestry and embroidery yarns, everything was spindle spun.

Spindles come in a wide array of designs, weights and sizes. Keep in mind the lighter a drop spindle the finer yarn you can spin, meaning a heavier spindle (3 to 4 ounces) is most suitable for thicker yarns. Here a just a few of the spindle types available:

Bottom whorl drop spindle, most popular of all spindles, can vary in weight and designs. Many beginners start with a relative heavy (2 ounces or more) bottom whorl spindle, but you can also learn easily on a top whorl.

Top whorl spindle, some spinners prefer these, since with a little bit of practice the top whorl spindle can spin a lot faster than a bottom whorl, thus putting more twist in your yarn.

The Turkish drop spindle, also called cross arm spindle this tool will let you wind your yarn into a ball as you spin. Pull out the cross arms when you are done and presto! You have a center pull ball.

Navaho spindle, traditional used for Navaho spinning. This is a supported spindle suitable for relatively coarse yarns and fibers. Navaho spun yarns are spun twice. In the first stage the fiber is soft spun, meaning just a little twist is allowed to hold the fibers. In the second stage this fiber is re-spun resulting in the final yarn

Support spindle offers a bead or disk shaped whorls. Taklis are used for extreme fine fiber spinning such as silk and cotton. Often used with a spindle bowl.


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