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Drum Carders

Ashford Extra Wide Drum Carder with Brush Attachment

ashford extra wide drum carderThis carder his Huge! The Ashford Extra Wide Drum carder is a serious carder that makes a massive 12" wide batt and is perfect for spinning and felting. The fine carding cloth (77ppsi) lets you card most fibers with ease. Complete with brush attachment (packer brush) great for making a thicker batt and controlling finer fibers, cleaning brush and doffer for taking the batt off the carder. Solid silver beech wood, assembled. Get those fleece DONE with this Serious Ashford Extra Wide Drum Carder. FREE shipping in the continental US.

Ashford Extra Wide Drum Carder $750.00


Ashford Wild Drum Carder with Brush Attachment

ashford wild carderTake your carding to the Wild Side! The Ashford Wild Carder is specifically designed for blending and creating exciting fun, funky and wild batts for spinning and felting. Create unique blends with "added extras" such as fibers, fabrics, ribbons, feathers, noils, cocoons, paper and more....

The Ashford Wild Carder features a built-in adjustable packer brush (brush attachment) - this packs fiber more efficiently onto the large drum and allows "added extras" to be packed into your batt. The Ashford Wild Carder offers extra long teeth, allowing you to make a thicker batt and to keep all your "added extras" in your batt. The 4 inch carding width produces a very handy size batt ready to spin.

The Ashford Wild Carder is portable and compact and only 7 3/4lbs with built-in hand hold. Makes up to 1 1/2oz batt. Finished batt size 24 x 6inches. 72 tpi carding cloth. Comes assembled and lacquered. Complete with cleaning brush - stores conveniently under the feed-in tray, and doffer (Awl) - stores conveniently on the side. FREE shipping in the Lower 48 states.

Ashford Wild Drum Carder $560.00   



Ashford Standard Drum Carder with Brush Attachment

ashford drum carder 

Ashford drum carders can card a large 50 gr (2 ounce) batt. The Ashford carder offers two speeds: Use the ratio of 6:1 for preparing your fleece. The controlled intake will produce a smooth, even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting. Use the 4: 1 ratio to blend sliver, colors or different fiber types. Ashford carders are great for carding wool,  blending fibers: wool and mohair, merino and silk, experiment! Ashford drum carders offer adjustable 7.5 inch wide drums to suit all fibers. A strong poly belt on the outside of the Ashford drum carder frame allows for a smooth carding operation. Danish oil finish. 72 tpi carding cloth. The Ashford drum carder comes complete with clamps, doffer and instructions. FREE shipping in the Lower 48 states. 


Ashford Standard Drum Carder w/brush attachmentFine Cloth $650.00       

Ashford Standard Drum Carder w/brush attachmentCoarse Cloth $630.00



The Ashashford book of cardingford Book of Carding, Jo Reeve

Learn how to use flick cards, hand cards and drum carders. The Ashford Book of Carding is the only book on the market dedicated to carding wool! Find out how to process fleece into roving and how to blend stunning colors for fun effects as well as blend fibers. Projects include: Self-striping socks; Merino mittens; Triangular shawl; Merino and silk scarf and more! 92pp

$27.95 Quantity


Louet drum carder logoLouet Drum Carders 

No Need to Tease! Feed fiber directly into the licker-in (feeder drum) Louet drum carders have a larger licker-in drum and no need to adjust drums or drum placement! Louet drum carder teeth are longer and flex-louet drum carder - carding woolible! Louet drum carders eat right out of your hand!  Louet drum carders have 2 X as much capacity as other drum carders! Removes dirt from fiber as it cards and sealed gears prevent dirt frolouet drum carderm getting in! Two clamps, doffer brush (for cleaning the drums) and doffer awl included!

Let Louet quality speak for itself: Louet has been manufacturing Louet Drum Carders for more than 20 years for the market world wide and has never had to replace carding cloth due to wear of the carding cloth that could be attributed to the intertwining of the teeth. Again, in more than 20 years, Louet has never replaced a gearbox.

Louet Drum Carder

Louet drum carderLouet Drum Carders have a 8" wide drum for large carding capacity. The enclosed gearbox assures smooth operation, while the extra high, flexible, intermeshing  teeth allow for a heavier batt than other drum carders as well as a high carding efficiency. Easy to use, these drum carders have stood the test of time. Included are two clamps, doffer brush for cleaning the carder, and doffer awl for removing the carded batt. Choose the Louet Classic fine cloth carder for your coarser fibers and the Louet Standard Extra fine cloth carder for finer fibers.. FREE shipping in the continental US.


Louet Standard Drum CarderFine Cloth (Classic)  $595.00   

Louet Standard Drum CarderExtra Fine Cloth  (Standard) $595.00 


Louet Wide Standard Drum Carder

Almost 12 inches in width, the Louet XL Drum carder is a super wide carder! Combine that with the large diameter drum that makes a 30 inch long batt, and you will go thru your fleeces better than ever before. Same great features as the Louet Standard drum carder above, and perfect for all fine fibers such as fine wools, alpaca and llama, just wider! FREE shipping in the lower 48 states and Canada.

Louet Wide Standard Drum Carder  $710.95    



Louet Junior Drum Carder 

louet drum carderLouet Junior Carder with fine cloth and a 4 inch wide drum. Enclosed gears for smooth and easy operation. No lubrication is needed, and no adjustment of any kind is required to keep this carder in great shape! High, flexible teeth that allow for a heavier batt. Includes doffer brush, clamp and doffer awl for removing the carded batt. A great drum carder at a great price! FREE shipping in the continental US.



Louet Junior Drum Carder  $455.95 



Ashford Drum Carder Parts


Ashford Drum Carder Belt

Strong, elastic, black Ashford drum carder belt. Belt is fused to fit. Approx 39" in length. Fits only Ashford drum carders.

$17.95 Quantity  


Ashford Doffer Stick Awlashford awl

This strong awl lets you take the fibers off your drum carder. Strong steel shaft and contoured beech wood handle.

$20.95 Quantity  


Ashford Drum Carder Claps

Replacement clamps for Ashford drum carder. Set of two wood and metal clamps.

$23.95 Quantity