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Louet Spinning Wheels

For over a quarter century, the Louet team in Holland has been researching, designing, experimenting, and consulting with you, the customer, to create a superior line of spinning wheels.

Louet Victoria Folding Spinning Wheel S95

Louet Victoria spinning wheel - folding spinning wheelThe Louet Victoria Folding Spinning Wheel S95louet victoria spinning wheel folded

The Louet Victoria spinning wheel will travel! It is the smallest of the all the Louet spinning wheels.

Folded, the Louet Victoria spinning wheel, is the smallest spinning wheel on the market. The Louet Victoria weighs only 6.5 pounds, while offering a wide range of ratios from 6:1 to 14:1 at the same time.

This Louet spinning wheel comes complete with three bobbins and lazy kate. The Louet Victoria spinning wheels is perfect for the spinner on the go!

                                              Choose from Oak or Beech. Optional Carry Case.

Louet Victoria S95 Spinning Wheel  Beech - $800.00    

Louet Victoria S95 Spinning Wheel  Oak - $820.00



Louet Victoria Carry Bag

carry bag for Louet Victoria spinning wheelNicely padded bag that holds your Louet Victoria spinning wheel securely. Space for three bobbins and lazy kate. This bag has also backpack straps, so you can transport your Victoria spinning wheel wherever you go. Black and tan contemporary design. Victoria spinning wheel not included.

Louet Victoria Carry Bag - $125.95  



Louet Olivia - S80 Double Treadle Spinning Wheel

louet julia spinning wheel

If you are a Louet spinning wheel fan you have been waiting for this model: The Olivia spinning wheel is a little more ornamental than other Louet wheel, but has the same high quality your expect from this brand.

Louet's newest spinning wheel the Olivia S80 combines classic lines with a modern feel. The post and spokes of this wheel have turned details, adding charm to this model. Compact and with a sturdy base, spinners will enjoy the four spinning ratios as well as the centered carry handle and the easy to thread orifice.

Complete with three bobbins and built-in lazy kate. Ratios are 6, 8.5,12.5 and 19 to 1, same as the Louet Julia. Stain or lacquer the unfinished  Louet Olivia spinning wheel to match your style.

Sealed ball bearing like on all Louet spinning wheels ensure easy treadling and spinning on this scotch tension wheel.

Louet Olivia Spinning Wheel - $750.00    



Louet S17 Spinning Wheel Single Treadle 

louet S17 spinning wheelsThe em> Louet S17 spinning wheel is available as a spinning wheel kit. This single treadle Louet spinning wheel is designed with the budget conscious spinner in mind.

Smooth ball bearing operation like all the other Louet spinning wheels, easy treadling and a well balanced wheel that won't disappoint you. The Louet S17 spinning wheel is a great wheel for a value price. The Louet S17 kit comes complete with three bobbins and built-in lazy kate. Unfinished.

Louet S17 Single Treadle Spinning Wheel - $390.00    




Louet Spinning Wheel logoLouet Spinning Wheel Accessories   


Louet Spinning Wheel Bobbinslouet spinning wheel bobbins

Choose from regular, high speed or fat core bobbins. Fat core bobbins have the same ratio as high speed bobbins, but with a 2" core for easier spinning and beginning spinners.

A small amount of draw in gives you more control for cotton and other fine fibers. Also shown is bulky bobbin (far right top) and bulky flyer for thick yarns. Please contact us for order information.


Ratios:     S10/S15/S75 : 5.5, 7.5, and 10.5:1   

                High Speed: 6.5, 9.5 and 15:1

                 Fat Core: 6.5, 9.5 and 15: 1

S10/S15/S75 - $31.95        High Speed- $31.95   Fat Core- $62.95



About Louet Spinning Wheels....

Louet spinning wheels were originally geared towards spinning medium to heavy yarns. Although bobbins and flyers are available for hand spinning this type of yarn, the standard wheels have been redesigned to be more suitable for spinning fine to medium yarns. The orifice on the standard wheel is sufficiently large (12.5 mm or 1/2") as are the bobbins, (180-250 gr capacity), to allow you to create novelty yarns.
With one exception, all Louet spinning wheels come equipped with a two bobbin lazy kate. The S90 has a three bobbin lazy kate. Spinning fiber on a Louet spinning wheel is easy for a beginning spinner.

Technically all Louet spinning wheels are the same. Each wheel has a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate the tension. The flexible belts are made of polyurethane and never have to be adjusted.                   

RATIOS - All bobbins have a sheave with three settings on one side that can be used to obtain three different spinning ratios. They are: 1:5.5 for slow spinning and heavy yarn; 1:7.5 for medium yarn; and, 1:10.5 for fast spinning and fine yarn. (S45 ratios are: 7:1, 12:1 and 20:1)
The fly wheels of all our models are 50 cm ( 20") in diameter (except for the S45). They rotate on a maintenance free, lubricated for life ball bearing pack to ensure excellent spinning ability by allowing them to turn freely and quietly. The same maintenance free ball bearing is used at the footman connection. (Absolutely no lubrication is necessary for the bearings to work correctly)

With the exception of the S90, all wheels are packed and shipped partially assembled in a flat box. The required assembly consists quite simply of tightening two nuts for which tools and instructions are provided. The shipping weight is 17-18 lbs. The S90 comes pre-assembled.

Discover the joy of hand spinning with a Louet spinning wheel