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Schacht Reeves Spinning Wheels

schacht reeves spinning wheel -double treadle

Schacht Reeves spinning wheels are now produced by Schacht Spindle Co. in conjunction with Rick and Marge Reeves. These "dream-wheels" offer a high amount of craftsmanship and are beauties to behold. These Saxony style spinning wheels are fast and smooth with a ratios from 7 to 1  to 24 to1. Crafted in Ash or Cherry the Schacht Reeves spinning wheel is an heirloom in the making. All spinning wheels come with double drive and scotch tension standard.

Choose from single or double treadle and 24" or 30" drive wheel diameter. Each spinning wheel includes three bobbins, 2 whorls, a lazy kate and threading hook. All Schacht Reeves spinning wheels come with the flyer on the left side. Please call us if you would like the flyer on the right side (no extra charge).

30" Cherry spinning wheel shown above, 24" Ash spinning wheel below, both double treadle.schacht-reeves spinning wheel

24" Single Treadle Ash        $1231.95 

24" Double Treadle Ash       $1407.95 

24" Single Treadle Cherry    $1526.95 

24" Double Treadle Cherry   $1746.95 

30" Single Treadle Ash        $1508.95 

30" Double Treadle Ash       $1697.95 

30" Single Treadle Cherry    $1780.95 

30" Double Treadle Cherry   $2035.95  


Please allow between six and twelve weeks for delivery for these beautiful spinning wheels.

Schacht-Reeves Bobbins

Ash $42.95   Cherry $49.95  



Two Year Limited Warranty

Schacht-Reeves Spinning Wheel  

Schacht-Reeves Comparison Chart

Standard accessories with wheel 3 bobbins, lazy kate, threading hook
Bobbin length, inside dimension 3 3/8”; bobbin core radius 7/16”
Bobbin Capacity 3 - 3 1/2 ounces
Flyer width between arms 4”
Type of bearings/bushings Drive wheel - ball bearings; flyer - leather and bronze
Drive Band Cotton
Ratios 24" - 12:1 to 20:1; 30" - 16:1 to 25:1
Left- and right-hand Schacht-Reeves spinning wheels available upon request.