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Schacht Spinning Wheels

Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel 

Schacht Sidekick spinning wheel - folding spinning wheel

The Sidekick is Schacht's newest spinning wheel. She's designed to fold easily and compact, yet be a solid spinner. The Sidekick is a scotch tension spinning wheel that offers long, comfortable treadles. The drive wheel spins on ball bearings, and the wheel weighs only 13 pounds. When folded, the bobbins, flyer and wSchacht Sidekick spinning wheelhorls store inside the frame of the Sidekick to make it even more compact. It folds to to 21 1/2" h x 8 1/4" w x 15" d.  Complete with three travel bobbins, 2 whorls (Ratios: 9, 11, 13 and 15.5.) threading hook and adjustable carrying strap. Additional whorls can be purchased below. Optional Bulky Flyer Package. Bobbins and flyer are interchangeable with the Schacht Ladybug and Matchless. As an additional option, the sidekick can be purchased without Flyer and bobbins (You will have to use the one from your Ladybug or Matchless)

 Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel Complete   $887.95


Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel without flyer bobbins & whorls  $758.95


Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel Bulky Flyer Package   $295.95



Schacht Ladybug Spinning WheelSchacht Ladybug spinning wheel

The Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel is a new spinning wheel from Schacht at a great price. This new double treadle model pairs the smooth spinning capability of Schacht spinning wheels with a modern design for a new and exciting spinning wheel. At twelve pounds the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel offers integrated handles, scotch tension, a 16" drive wheel and bobbins. The Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel uses the same flyer, whorls and bobbin as the Schacht Matchless spinning wheel below. The Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel comes with three bobbins and instructions. Optional lazy kate. The Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Average shipping time is between two and six weeks. Please call to find out when your Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel will ship!

Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel - $715.95
Schacht Optional Built in Lazy Kate  $43.95


Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheels

schacht matchless double treadle spinning wheel

are the most responsive spinning wheel available today.  Whether you choose single treadle or double treadle action, you'll appreciate our wheels' matchless capabilities.
The Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel offers double drive, Scotch tension, and bobbin lead momatchless spinning wheel - single treadle spinning wheeldes of operation.  Wheels come with two flyer whorls; five other flyer whorls offer spinning ratios from 4:1 to 27.5:1. The 19 1/2" drive wheel and flyer shaft are supported by self-aligning bronze bearings for precise action.  Each flyer is individually balanced and the bobbin Also included are three bobbins, a tensioned lazy kate, threading hook and instructions. The Schacht Matchless spinning wheel is almost fully assembled, just pop in the treadle are you are done! The Schacht Matchless spinning wheel will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Average shipping time is between two and six weeks. Please call to find out when your Schacht Matchless spinning wheel will ship!

Schacht Matchless Single Treadle - $1242.95  

Schacht Matchless Double Treadle - $1263.95  


Schacht Spinning Wheel Accessories


Schacht Bobbins for Matchless, Ladybug and Sidekick

Regular Bobbin        $42.95         High Speed Bobbin   $42.95
Travel Bobbin          $33.95        Bulky Bobbin           $57.95 

Schacht Whorls for Matchless, Ladybug & Sidekick

A high speed bobbin is required for high speed and super high speed  whorls when spinning in double drive.        

Extra Slow Speed  $33.95
Slow Speed          $29.95

Medium Speed, Comes With Wheel $29.95
Fast Speed, Comes With Wheel      $29.95   


Using Different Schacht Flyer Whorls

The type of fiber you are spinning and the kind of yarn you want to produce will determine which flyer whorl to use. Choosing a compatible whorl for the task at hand will go a long way in helping you comfortably create the yarn you want. Your spinning wheel comes with two flyer whorls: a Medium Speed Whorl with 9:1 and 11:1 ratios and a Fast Speed Whorl with 13:1 and 15 1/2:1 ratios. We offer five others, which are specified in the chart below. The general rules to remember are: the larger (slower) the whorl, the thicker the yarn, the less the twist, and the greater the take-up. It is also important to remember that, in the double drive mode, depending on how much or how little tension you put on the drive band, you can increase or decrease the take up. In the Scotch Tension mode the amount of take-up is controlled by the amount of tension you put on the brake spring & cord. The greater the tension, the greater the take-up.

       Whorl Ratio Chart
Extra Slow Speed   
Slow Speed    
*Medium Speed
*Fast Speed     
**High Speed
**Super High Speed

*Comes with wheel
** We recommend using our new high speed
bobbin with these whorls.

4:1 & 4 1/2:1
6:1 & 7 1/2:1
9:1 & 11:1
13:1 & 15 1/2:1
17 1/2:1 & 19 1/2:1
18 1/2:1 & 22:1

Schacht Matchless spinning wheel

Schacht spinning wheels are produced right here in the US by Schacht Spindle Co.