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Fibers for Spinning & Felting

Dyed Bamboo Top

This hard to come by dyed bamboo fiber will be offered at a special price so we know it won't last long. Bamboo is easy to spin and very comfortable to wear even in warmer climates. Nice sheen and four scrumptious shades to choose from. 8 oz only $15.95

dyed bamboo top dyed bamboo top for spinning bamboo top fiber dyed bamboo top in heliotrope

Aegean      Egyptian Red    Espresso   Heliotrope    


White Bamboo Top

bamboo top

Lustrous, fine combed top that can be used as a silk substitute. This fine fiber is made from 100% bamboo and the resulting yarn or garments are cool and comfortable to wear. Because of the unique cell structure this bamboo fiber is ideal for "hot weather garments". Try this and you will love it! Our customers can't get enough of this luscious easy to spin bamboo fiber!

4 oz  $7.95    8 oz  $15.95    


Corriedale Cross Wool Top


This Corriedale spinning wool top offers a lot of value. Ready to spin and just right for next to the skin garments, sweaters, socks, scarves. Also great for felting! Have a dye party with this great priced wool top and the easy to use Jacquard Dyes!

 8 oz - $10.95 16 oz - $19.90 



Merino Wool Top - Natural Cream

merino silkSuper-soft Merino wool top from Great Britain will satisfy even the most demanding spinner and is priced quite moderate. 22 micron wool. Enjoy this fine, versatile merino wool fiber! Will make a soft even multi purpose yarn. Also great for felting!

8 oz - $ 15.95 16 oz - $31.90 Quantity


Carded Corriedale Sliver

This nice carded shandspinningliver will be one of your favorites. Great for beginning spinners! This will make hand spinning easy! It is easy to draft and contains a bit of lanolin making it soft to the touch. The light grey sliver is variegated.


White/Natural is great for dyeing and the dark brown has small amounts of white fibers. New Zealand

Light Grey/Var. 8 oz  $15.95       Light Grey/Var. 16 oz $31.90
White/Natural 8 oz - $15.95       White/Natural 16 oz - $31.90
Dark Brown 8 oz -     $15.95       Dark Brown 16 oz - $31.90




Multi Color Merino Spinning Wool Tops

These multi color merino tops are just simply gorgeous! A joy to spin, this 64 merino wool top is soft and perfect for pampering yourself! The multi color blending will help "hide" little spinning mistakes.  Watch the colors of this lovely wool spinning fiber blend as you spin. This spinning wool is one of my favorites! Super soft merino wool! Great Britain. 4 oz only $12.95

merino silk merino silk merino silk multi colored merino

   Rosequartz         Mojave            Sage         Sandalwood

merino silk merino silk merino silk merino silk

English Garden    Baltic Blue       Amethyst         Riverstone          



Fine Merino Wool Tops

Fine 64's merino wool tops. Super-soft combed top for all fine garments in many fashion colors.  Nice hand, great color range. Mix and match with the multi color top below. Great Britain. Great for felting too!

merino top

Horizon 8oz  $17.95      Horizon 4oz     $10.95

Tartan 8oz   $17.95      Tartan 4oz   $10.95

B Choc 8oz   $17.95      B Choc.4oz   $10.95

Pumpkin 8oz  $17.95     Pumpkin 4oz   $10.95

Sand 8oz     $17.95      Sand 4oz      $10.95

Violet 8oz    $17.95      Violet 4oz     $10.95

Begonia 8oz  $17.95     Begonia 4oz  $10.95


Lime 8oz   $17.95        Lime 4oz   $10.95

Pink 8oz   $17.95         Pink 4oz   $10.95

 Ice Blue 8oz   $17.95    Ice Blue 4oz  $10.95


Ruby 8oz    $17.95    Ruby 4oz   $10.95

Coral 8oz   $17.95    Coral 4oz   $10.95

Buff 8oz   $17.95      Buff 4oz    $10.95


Red 8oz   $17.95       Red 4oz   $10.95

Yellow 8oz  $17.95    Yellow 4oz  $10.95

Back 8oz   $17.95     Black 4oz   $10.95

Lavender 8oz  $17.95 Lavender 4oz   $10.95

Plum 8oz   $17.95     Plum 4oz   $10.95


Cultivated Silk Top

cultivated silk topThis fine lustrous white Bombyx silk top is sure to please. It is a fine white cultivated silk with lots of sheen. A luscious spinning fiber! Great for dying too. Treat yourself. Great Britain

4oz   $18.95   Quantity  


Bleached Tussah Silk Top

exotic spinning fibers

Nice cream colored top. This Tussah silk spinning fiber has a nice luster and hand. It is not quite as fine as cultivated silk, but a treat to spin none the less. Great Britain


4oz  $14.95  Quantity


Natural Cream Merino-Silk Blend  

Our merino-silk blend is a dream to spin! Watch the fibers glide through your hands! Nice drape! Pure luxury! 80% 22 micron merino, 20% tussah silk. Great Britain.

4oz - $10.95 8oz - $19.90



Lean to Spin Cotton Kit

learn to spin cotton

Includes everything you need to get started: a brass thakli spindle, and variety of cotton including punis, natural colored cotton, cotton sliver and ginned cotton as well as easy to follow instructions.

 Makes a great gift too!

$38.95 Quantity 


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