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Spinning Wheel Accessories

Spinning Wheel Oil

spinning wheel maintenance kitKeep your spinning wheel well lubricated with this high grade spinning wheel oil. Fine "needle tip" allows for lubrication even in tight spaces.

$8.95  Quantity 



Ashford Maintenance Kit

spinning wheel maintanance kit

This helpful Ashford Maintenance Kit contains an oil bottle and oil, a cotton spinning wheel drive belt, scotch tension spring and band, leather and plastic footman connector, threading hook with band, e-clip, and 10 flyer hooks. The Ashford Maintenance Kit will keep your spinning wheel in great shape!

$25.95  Quantity


Kromski Niddy Noddiesniddy noddy

These pretty little tools are a must have for every spinner. Kromski Niddy Noddies offer nice detailing and are available in various finishes or unfinished.

The large Kromksi Niddy Noddy makes a 70" skein, the medium Kromski Niddy Noddy a 45" skein, and the small a 30" skein. Choose from unfinished, clear finish, walnut finish or mahogany finish niddy noddies.


Large unfinished $26.95 Large Clear $28.95 

Large Walnut  $28.95     Large Mahogany  $28.95

Medium Clear $24.95     Medium Walnut  $24.95  Medium Mahogany  $24.95
Small Clear $20.95        Small Walnut  $20.95     Small Mahogany $20.95   



Ashfod Niddy Noddiesashford niddy noddy

Large unfinished Ashford niddy noddy makes a 54" skein. Pretty turned detailing.

Large Ashford Niddy Noddy   $28.95   



Small, lacquer finish Ashford Sampler niddy noddy is perfect for 32" sample skeins. Solid silver beech hardwood. Take it apart and store it flat for Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddytraveling.


    Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy  $25.95




Lazy Kates for Plying or Bobbin Storage

ashford lazy kate

Ashford Upright Lazy Kate

 holds three bobbins. Bobbins shown not included. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood. Holds single or double drive bobbins.

$26.95  Quantity 



ashford lazy kateAshford Competition Lazy Kate

holds three bobbins. No bobbin over-wind when plying with speed. Control your bobbins when spinning with adjustable brake tension. Smooth stainless steel yarn guide, suitable for single drive or double drive bobbins or jumbo bobbins. Bobbins are quick and easy to change. Convenient carry handle. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with a rich lacquer finish.  Bobbins sold separately.

$66.95  Quantity  


Kromski Tensioned Lazy KatesKromski Tensioned Lazy Kate

The Kromskis make two styles of Lazy Kates - the arched version now comes standard with all Mazurka and Symphony wheels; the upright Kate comes standard with the Polonaise. kromski arched lazy kate

The Kromski Lazy Kates are very attractive and work just the way you want them to. They hold up to three bobbins. The bobbin rods are made of heavy metal.

These tensioned Kates will accommodate most other brands of bobbins including Ashford (standard bobbins), Jensen, Reeves, Timbertops, Majacraft and Lendrum (regular and very fast bobbins).

Available unfinished and finished. Bobbins sold separately.

Upright Unfinished       $56.95          Upright Walnut Finish   $64.95 
Upright Mahog. Finish  $64.95          Upright Clear Finish     $64.95

Arched Unfinished       $56.95          Arched Walnut Finish    $64.95 

Arched Mahog. Finish  $64.95          Arched Clear Finish     $64.95



Spinning Wheel Belts

Stretchy poly-cord drive bands for your spinning wheel are durable and easy to install. These flexible spinning wheel drive bands offer a stronger draw in than conventional cotton belts and will last and last. Choose from traditional clear or black or bring some color into you spinning with NEW shades of crystal lavender and crystal rose! Available in single drive ($7.95)or double drive ($14.00)or pre-fused for Louet S10, S17 and S51. ($10.95) All non-fused spinning wheel drive belts include easy to follow instructions.

Our spinning wheel belts will fit most spinning wheels such as Ashford, Kromski, Baynes, Louet, Fricke, Lendrum, Reeves etc.

spinning wheel belt    spinning wheel belt    spinning wheel drive belt    Spinning Wheel Drive Belt

   Black             Chery Red          Clear            Emerald

spinning wheel belt - spinning supplies    Spinning Wheel Drive Belt     Spinning Wheel Drive Belt    
   Ice Blue            Rose              Lavender

Single Drive Spinning Wheel Drive Belt $7.95 each

Clear               Black                 Crystal Lavender     Crystal Blue
Crystal Rose     Crystal Emerald     Cherry Red


Double Drive Spinning Wheel Drive Belt $14.00 ea

Clear              Black                  Crystal Lavender     Crystal Blue
Crystal Rose    Crystal Emerald     Cherry Red


Our spinning wheel belts will fit most spinning wheels such as Ashford, Kromski, Baynes, Louet, Fricke, Lendrum, Reeves etc.

Louet Pre-Fused Spinning Wheel Drive Belts

Louet Pre-Fused Cherry   $10.95     Louet Pre-Fused Lavender $10.95
Louet Pre-Fused Ice Blue  $10.95    Louet Pre-Fused Rose       $10.95
Louet Pre-Fused Emerald  $10.95    Louet Pre-Fused Black       $10.95
Louet Pre-Fused Clear      $10.95  


Ball Winders - Wool Winders

Knitter Pride Yarn Ball Winder

knitters pride ball winderGreat quality at a great price! Plastic Knitters Pride Ball Winder will come in handy for winding yarn skeins into balls or emptying the bobbins of your spinning wheel. Makes "stackable" center pull and outside pull balls.

 Either way this knitting wool winder is one of the most important knitting supplies and a must have for spinners, knitters and weavers. Complete with built in clamp. Makes balls up to 4 ounces

$39.95   Quantity    



Kromski Nostepinne

Come try this simple ball winKromski Nostepinne - spinning suppliesder. Easy to do and use. The low tech way to a center pull ball. Assorted wood finishes.


Kromski Nostepinne Clear          $18.95   

Kromski Nostepinne Mahogany   $18.95

Kromski Nostepinne Walnut        $18.95