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Weaving Shuttles & Accessories

Leclerc Boat Shuttlesleclerc boat shuttles -weaving shuttles

Made from Canadian maple, Leclerc boat shuttles are well balanced and smooth. Kiln dried. Leclerc boat shuttles feature a closed bottom (except small) and are beautifully shaped. Choose from 5 sizes of weaving shuttles. All come complete with one 4"  bobbin except large, that comes with one 6" bobbin. (Two bobbin shuttle comes with two 4" bobbins) Additional Leclerc bobbins below.

Small 11" $33.95     Regular 11 1/4"   $38.95

Slim 11"  $33.95     Large 15"  $45.95     Two Bobbin Shuttle $44.95


Colorful Leclerc Boat Shuttles

Never grab the wrleclerc boat shuttle - weaving shuttlesong yarn again, color code your weaving yarn! Colored Leclerc boat shuttle with one 4" styrene bobbin. Ideal for beginners and experienced weavers alike, this is a unique cost effective boat shuttle that will perform. Made of high impact plastic (High Density Polythylene) this Leclerc boat shuttle will last a lifetime. The shape and weight are comparable to the Leclerc Traditional Shuttle. Available in 4 colors The shuttle measures 1 1/8" X 1 5/8" X 11 1/4" and weighs 4.7 ounces. A great value!  $20.95 each

Red Blue Yellow Green   Quantity  

Leclerc Weaving Bobbins for Boat Shuttles

Bag of 12 bobbins. Choose from 4 inch- for Leclerc small, regular, slim or two bobbin shuttle or 6 inch- for Leclerc large boat shuttle.

Bag of 4 inch bobbins  $13.95    Bag of 6 inch bobbins  $17.95



Schacht Boat Shuttle

Schacht boat shuttles are made of solid Maple and have an open bottom, available in two sizes. Oil finish. Bobbins not includedSchacht Boat Shuttles - weaving shuttles

   11"  $39.95    13"  $47.95  




Schacht Weaving Bobbins

White plastic bobbins. Set of 10. Choose from 4"or 5" sizes.

4" Bobbins for 11" Schacht Boat Shuttle $15.95

5" Bobbins for 13" Schacht Boat Shuttle $24.95 



Leclerc Ski Shuttle

Leclerc Ski Shuttle - weaving shuttles

Leclerc Ski Shuttle for medium to heavy yarns and rags. This special ski shuttle has the yarn wrapped horizontally around it so it slides easily in the warp. 18 inches. Solid Maple, lacquer finish.

$34.95 Quantity  


Ashford Stick Shuttles

Unfinished, smoothly sanded beech wood shuttles. 

6 inch  $4.95      10 inch  $5.95     14 inch  $6.95



Ashford Belt Shuttle

Unfinished silver beech woodweaving shuttle, perfect for inkle loom weaving.

   $14.95 Quantity


Kromski Stick Shuttles

Nicely finished clear lacquered shuttles to accompany your loom. You will want more than just one or two! 

  8 inch  $6.95    12 inch  $7.95     24 inch  $12.95



Leclerc Holds All

Place this Leclerc Leclerc Holds All - weaving suppliesholds-All conveniently close to the loom and you are ready to go! Here is a way to keep tools neatly arrange  while you weave. This Leclerc Holds-All can hold a multiple of accessories and fibers.
It is also designed to allow you to fasten a hand bobbin winder onto it, or use it as a doubling stand. Includes a spool rack that holds  up to 10 spools or bobbins. Maple with the Leclerc clear lacquer finish.

$299.95 Quantity 


Leclerc Electric Bobbin Winder

Leclerc Electric Bobbin WinderLeclerc electric bobbin winder with a tapered shaft to be used on regular Leclerc 4" (10 cm) bobbins and spools. Can use also 6" bobbins for boat shuttle. Foot operated speed control makes winding your bobbins fast and easy.


$209.95 Quantity 


Leclerc Bobbin Winder

Leclerc manual bobbin winderA light but strong hand bobbin winder with completely covered gear. Tapered shaft for all Leclerc bobbins and Leclerc Spools. Nice wood handle, long lasting metal gear and housing. Clamps to a table top up to 1½" thick.

$112.95 Quantity   


Schacht Bobbin Winders

Schacht offers several styles of winders: manual and electric, single ended and double ended. The Schacht sinschacht single ended and double ended bobbin windergle ended bobbin winder has a tapered shaft that will accommodate bobbins up to six inches long. It is available with our manual bobbin winder only. Double ended winders can be used for longer bobbins, pirns, and spools. They are available both in electric and manual models.  Both of our double-ended manual and electric winders are available with special tips for winding lace bobbins.  Conversion kits are available.

Manual Schacht Bobbin Winder, shown above

Single Ended  $137.95     Double Ended  $194.95



 Schacht Double Ended Electric Bobbin Winder

Schacht Electric Bobbin Winder
Serious winding can be done with this double ended bobbin winder from Schacht. Will also wind pirns, and other bobbins effortlessly.

$369.95 Quantity    



Ashford Sley Hook

Long, slim reed hook with sturdy plastic handle.

$7.95  Quantity 


Ashford Nylon Reed Hook

     Flat S shaped nylon hook

$4.75 Quantity  

Schacht Brass Reed Hook

      Flat S shaped brass hook

$8.95   Quantity  


Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge  

This magical multi-purpose tool will become an indispensable companion to boschacht dizzy yarn gaugeth weavers and spinners.  Sporting 1/2" and 1" measures, the Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge can be used as a weaver's sett gauge or spinner's yarn gauge, as well as a diz for making a consistent sliver for spinning. Maple

$19.95 Quantity 

Ashford Yarn Gauge

ashford yarn gaugeHandy little tool from Ashford has 1/2 inch and 1 inch cut outs for measuring and gauging your yarn. Great for spinners and weavers. Silver beech wood

$8.95 Quantity


Warping Boards

Ashford Warping Board

ashford 12 yard warping board
12 yard warping board constructed from silver beech wood. Unfinished. $135.95





John Day Warping Board

6.5 yard warping board. John Day 6.5 yard warping boardSolid Maple hardwood frame. Complete with assembly instructions. A great value! Unfinished.
Made in Oregon

6.5 yards Warping Board $89.95




Schacht Warping Boardswarping board

Warping Boards are the most commonly used measuring devices.  Schacht warping boards are available in two sizes:  the 14 yard warping board is one yard across and the 4 1/2 yard warping board measures a half yard across.  To withstand the strain of threads under tension, Schacht tenons their hardwood dowels and presses them securely into the frame. Warping boards are one of the basic weaving supplies that every weaver should have. Choose from two sizes.

14 Yard Warping Board  $135.95  


4.5 Yard Warping Board  $99.95 




Leclerc Warping Boards

The Leclerc warping boards offer stuLeclerc Warping Boardrdy construction and are easily disassembled for storage. Use them on a table or hang on a wall. Available in three sizes. Solid maple with lacquer finish.


6.5 yards  $91.95    13 yards  $118.95    21 yards  $144.95



Warping Mills

Schacht Horizontal Warping Mill

Warping Mills are ideal for long warps.  Instead of going back and forth with your arm to measure threads like on a warping board, the warping mill goes around and around which is quicker and lesschacht horizontal warping mills tiring. Schacht warping mills come in two models: the vertical warping mill sits on a table, and the horizontal warping mill which may be used either on a table or on the floor.  Both mills have a two yard circumference, will hold up to 18 yards of warp, and can be folded up for storage



$407.95  Quantity 



Ashford Warping Mill

Ashford warping mill


holds up to 16 yards of warp. Sturdy silver beech wood.



$239.95  Quantity  

Schacht Loom Bench

schacht loom bench

The Schacht loom bench is a beautiful companion piece to our Wolf looms and Standard floor looms.  The bench seat height is adjustable from 19" to 24" and has been designed to offer you both a flat and a slanted seat position. Optional bag for bench hold shuttles and yarn.



Loom Bench Maple - $383.95   

Bag for  Bench Cherry - $50.95

Loom Bench Cherry - $470.95   Bag for  Bench Maple - $50.95



Ashford Loom Bench

The Ashford loom bench is designed with your comfort and posture in mind. Four position adjustable seat AS Bench.jpg (5509 bytes)height. Folding seat conceals roomy storage compartment. Solid Silver Beech wood construction.


$365.95  Quantity